Special Guest: ANNE BOBBY!

121: Conversations with ANNE BOBBY

I am thrilled to sit down and chat with the radiant Miss ANNE BOBBY.

We’ll be talking about NIGHTBREED, the horror convention circuit, her new horror projects, Broadway and her star-crush on DAVID WARNER. And dogs with no skin. And Mister Microphone.



ANNABELLE. the first big Hollywood Halloween season hit the theaters last weekend.
Here’s why you should hit ANNABELLE right in her stupid porcelain face.


117: NIGHTFALL – Old Time Radio – “Cemetery Stop”

Catch the express bus to hell with another visit to the Golden Age of Radio!

The classic Canadian radio show NIGHTFALL tells us a tall tail of terror on the highways in CEMETERY STOP.

Don’t bother booking a return ticket.

You won’t be coming home.



It’s off to the Catacombs of Paris to decipher what the title AS ABOVE SO BELOW is supposed to friggin’ mean. And then, THE NIGHTMARE CLOSET creaks open to reveal bugs. Lots and lots of bugs. And a monkey. Also, quickie reviews of ALYCE KILLS and ANTISOCIAL, a tribute to JOAN RIVERS and the music of THE LINE-UP/THE SOULFUL.


Episode 115: SUMMER OF FEAR (1978)

It seems fitting that I mark the end of the season with WES CRAVEN and LINDA BLAIR’s made-for-TV terror treat, SUMMER OF FEAR (aka “Stranger in Our House”).
Black magic, bad perms and implied incest abound in what was presenting to the unsuspecting public as “suitable family entertainment”.


Episode 112: Horrors of the WEST END

My journey through the drunk dials I left myself during my trip to the UK continue.

To keep us somewhat on topic, I’ll be telling you about the three horror themed plays I saw in London’s WEST END.