Set sail for adventure, true romance and sexy rendezvous with the Son of Satan. I’m calling “All Aboard!” for the 1978 made for TV thriller CRUISE INTO TERROR.

So, pack a swinsuit, your suntan lotion and your breathing mini-sarcophagus, because this ship is setting sail!

girl house

133: GIRL HOUSE (2015)

Another BONUS EPISODE! Enjoy a SPOILER-FREE preview of GIRL HOUSE, the sexy new slasher from the smokin’ hot Canadian director, TREVOR MATTHEWS!


132: JASON GOES TO HELL: The Final Friday (1993)

While I may spend more time obsessing about LESLIE JORDAN in SORDID LIVES, the mysterious gunk in my drain, a menacing tower of shellfish and my cats testicles, you’ll be sure to learn things about JGTH that you never dreamed.


131: IT FOLLOWS (2015)

This monster wants you so much, it will follow to the ends of the earth.
It only wants to love you….to death. Special Guest: Joe Borrelli


130: HONEYMOON (2014)

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with me as I give you a spoiler-free review of HONEYMOON! Is that wedding bells I’m hearing? Or is it a funeral dirge?
Plus, find out how to win your very own DVD of HONEYMOON of your very own! Wow!

bloody-new-year-poster 2

129: BLOODY NEW YEAR (1987) and NEVERLAKE (2013)

Join BRYAN WOLFARD and I as we check in to the very haunted Grand Island Hotel in BLOODY NEW YEAR. But beware of ugly shoes, tablecloth monsters and cheesy 80’s music!

Then it’s off to chilly Tuscany to uncover the deadly secret of an ancient pond in NEVERLAKE.


127: SOMETHING EVIL (1972)

It’s back to the kitschy world of the MADE FOR TV HORROR MOVIES OF THE 1970’s, and this holiday season my gift to you is SOMETHING EVIL. When SANDY DENNIS and her family move to rural Pennsylvania, they never suspected that they would be terrorized by demons, devils, pentacles, creepy cookbooks, perverted Pippin, swinging chickens, crying rats, screaming jars of goo, maniacal mobiles and possessed pottery! But nothing could prepare them for the deadliest horror of them all….the APPLE BAR SONG!