137. SLASHERS (2001)

I’m back from break, and I’m talking with ALLISON NOWACKI and BRYAN J. POLK from the I’M NOT HERE TO MAKE FRIENDS reality show podcast about SLASHERS, the movie about a Japanese game show with a big ol’ body count. You will laugh. A lot. Also, the grieving process has …


136: BLOOD BEACH (1981)

A trip to BLOOD BEACH ought to tide you over until the show resumes in Mid-May. This flashback recording of me guesting on the 42ND STREET DRIVE IN podcast also features SHAWN HUNT, CHRISTOPHER KAHLER and VAUGHN KUHLMEIER .


135: UNFRIENDED (2015)

It’s another mini-episode, because I felt it mandatory to warn you off of UNFRIENDED, a sorry excuse for Millenial horror barfed on usby the good folks at MTV.



Set sail for adventure, true romance and sexy rendezvous with the Son of Satan. I’m calling “All Aboard!” for the 1978 made for TV thriller CRUISE INTO TERROR.

So, pack a swinsuit, your suntan lotion and your breathing mini-sarcophagus, because this ship is setting sail!


130: HONEYMOON (2014)

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with me as I give you a spoiler-free review of HONEYMOON! Is that wedding bells I’m hearing? Or is it a funeral dirge?
Plus, find out how to win your very own DVD of HONEYMOON of your very own! Wow!

bloody-new-year-poster 2

129: BLOODY NEW YEAR (1987) and NEVERLAKE (2013)

Join BRYAN WOLFARD and I as we check in to the very haunted Grand Island Hotel in BLOODY NEW YEAR. But beware of ugly shoes, tablecloth monsters and cheesy 80’s music!

Then it’s off to chilly Tuscany to uncover the deadly secret of an ancient pond in NEVERLAKE.