In a missing professor’s apartment, three roommates discover a mysterious device: a most unusual camera aimed at their living room window that produces a Poloroid showing a moment exactly 24-hours into the future. Wickedly fun and full of double crosses, back stabbings and deviance. A very high recommend!


AMNESIAC, a new thriller starring WES BENTLEY and KATE BOSWORTH, has a lot of great ideas and a groovy retro mood, but ultimately flounders under the weight of glacial pacing and not enough surprises.



When you go into a movie with expectations this low and are still  disappointed, it speaks volumes. Sadly, JERSEY SHORE MASSACRE (filmed mostly in Florida!) does not have the cast of the notorious TV show meeting their gory demises.  Instead, we get unfortunates souls trying to act like them…pale imitations of what were …



ALLELUIA is not always an easy or a pleasant watch. The movie is frequently infuriating and confounding and extremely ugly.

But then again….isn’t Love of those things as well?


140: i-LIVED (2015)

Phone apps.
We love ’em. They entertain us. They connect us. They make our lives better.
But in this tale of technological terror, you’d better make sure to read the fine print, because the devil’s in the details.

i-LIVED is a smart, suspenseful Twilight Zone-ish treat, and it’s available on demand.


MARK PATTON ravaged me.

139: THE DROWNSMAN (2014) and CRAZY BITCHES (2014)

This show is the first of several dedicated to the movies I watched during the prep for or the recovery from) my colonoscopy.

I’ll be talking about the watery terrors of THE DROWNSMAN.
And then I’m off to the woods to spend the weekend with some slasher-iffic CRAZY BITCHES!
(I hope I packed my Midol!)


138: DEATH ON THE NILE (1978)

Time to set sail once again with my favorite mystery-solving queens, TRAE DEAN and DOUG SHAPIRO. This time, we join PETER USTINOV, BETTE DAVIS, MAGGIE SMITH and ANGELA LANSBURY as HERCULE POIROT tries to crack a bizarre on-board homicide in a land older than time in DEATH ON THE NILE.
(Live cobra not included!)