What better way to kick off Women in Horror Recognition month than with a classic 80’s slasher movie that’s also a tale of lesbian pride & feminism gone awry!
I’m joined this week once again by super-famous playwright/lyricist/alien abduction enthusiast OWEN ROBERTSON. We try to discuss the new science fiction major screen release DARK SKIES. I won’t say we fail exactly, but we don’t stay on topic very much. Who could blames us, what with all the probing and everything!

ROBERT R BEST, author of the WORLD MEMORIAL TRILOGY, and world-famous actor ALENA ACKER will be at the party.

Renowned feminist author and SPM‘s screenwriter RITA MAE BROWN sends her regrets.
So does ODA MAE BROWN. who really wasn’t invited to start with.

There’s also an evil talking TRAVELOCITY GNOME, plus some kickass music from MOCK BOTTOM.

Plus, BRITTNAY MATTHEWS, RACHEL FUCKING TICE and all the other MOST POPULAR GIRLS IN SCHOOL get a life-saving plug from Listener Brett!