Sometimes, even a Queen can get overwhelmed, and there is never any shame in asking for help. After weeks computer problems, natural disasters, theatrical headaches and now to top it off broken ribs (plus accompanying narcotics!) I was going to need a Valiant Knight to help me get this show out to you.

I put out the call.

The call was answered in the form of TOPPIE SMELLIE, host of THE SMELLCAST and co-host of LIFE ON THE SHIT LIST. He stepped in and did a whole section by himself, chronicling his lifelong love of the classic TV series DARK SHADOWS. (Just curious…is there a cocktail called a “Barnabas Collins”? Because if not, there should be!)

That gave me the time to relax, heal and make a fool of myself by trying to do quickie reviews of VILE, WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH HELEN? and THE CORRIDOR while I was all hepped up on prescription goofballs.

Podcasting gold!

Check out more of Toppie on THE SMELLCAST at http://smellcast.wordpress.com and LIFE ON THE SHIT LIST at http://lifeontheshitlist.wordpress.com.