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Some KILLER side-eye!

144: JASON X (2001)

It’s time for another installment of the FRIDAY THE 13th SPECTACULAR, so join Mister Brad and I on a voyage across the deepest of space to come face to face with JASON X (and his amazing side-eye)!

ELAINA ERICA DAVIS as the doomed Keiko


The ghost of a Japanese-American actress returns to wreak vengeance on the ambitious husband who betrayed her in this contemporary fusion of Macbeth and the Kabuki Yotsuya Ghost Tales. Keiko (ELAINA ERIKA DAVIS) is a successful actress in Los Angeles. She and her husband Bryan (GREG BROSTROM) are Hollywood’s hottest couple. The same day she …


142: Bottom of the Barrel Classics: RED HOOK

Due to continuing health problems, ScreamQueenz is on unofficial hiatus. In the interim, please enjoy these flashback episodes revisiting some past reviews of movies so terrible, I completely lost my shit.

This time, it’s the super-annoying scavenger hunt slasher, RED HOOK.



ALLELUIA is not always an easy or a pleasant watch. The movie is frequently infuriating and confounding and extremely ugly.

But then again….isn’t Love of those things as well?


140: i-LIVED (2015)

Phone apps.
We love ’em. They entertain us. They connect us. They make our lives better.
But in this tale of technological terror, you’d better make sure to read the fine print, because the devil’s in the details.

i-LIVED is a smart, suspenseful Twilight Zone-ish treat, and it’s available on demand.


MARK PATTON ravaged me.

139: THE DROWNSMAN (2014) and CRAZY BITCHES (2014)

This show is the first of several dedicated to the movies I watched during the prep for or the recovery from) my colonoscopy.

I’ll be talking about the watery terrors of THE DROWNSMAN.
And then I’m off to the woods to spend the weekend with some slasher-iffic CRAZY BITCHES!
(I hope I packed my Midol!)